What our Website Reviews can do for you

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By Thijs de Valk

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“Can you make us rank #1 for our keyword?” “How much more traffic can you promise us?” “Can you make us rank higher, and if so, what spot?” These are just a few examples of questions I’ve gotten from people interested in our Website Reviews in the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t work this way, at all. We can’t guarantee a #1 position, or more traffic, or higher rankings. We can give you the tools to make it a lot more likely that you will rank higher. And oftentimes, this really helps customers with their rankings and their website in general.

Today I’m going to show you an example of one of our review customers and what our website reviews did for her. The customer I’m referring to is Lisa League, who’s running the website of Qpractice.

Ranking and traffic results

We delivered Lisa’s Gold Review in september of 2014. Since then she’s been really hard at work at improving as much as she could of what we mentioned in the review. Before we get to the results of this, we need to explain that Qpractice’s business is very cyclical. This means that during January through April it has high peaks of traffic (and sales) and then drops down until July through October, after which it drops down again. And so on. So the drop you see right after our review is a natural one.

Here’s what Lisa’s optimization based on our website review did for her traffic:

Traffic QPractice

As you can see, her traffic’s increased quite a lot. In fact, her traffic increased over 85% compared to the year before. And that’s not all that changed:

Increase in stats QPractice

So not only has she had more sessions to her site, but also did the amount of pageviews and pageviews per visit increase. The average session duration increased and the bounce rate decreased (quite dramatically, even).

Lisa had this to say about her rankings:

Lisa League avatar 400x400“My rankings have been good, I’m regularly in the top 3 for my head keywords, and regularly 1 or 2 for some important ones.”

Lisa League – Owner of Qpractice

Sale results

So that ranking and traffic are looking pretty good, right? However, traffic usually doesn’t pay the bills, especially when that traffic doesn’t convert. So that’s why I was thrilled to get this quote from Lisa:

“January – April this year I did more business than I did in all of 2014. This is 126% more business in 4 months than the entire year before. All the business originated from organic traffic and email campaigns, so no ads were involved.”

As you can imagine, Lisa was very happy with the results. It does have to be said though, none of these results would’ve happened if Lisa wasn’t so tenacious in implementing the changes we recommended. And that’ll be true for you as well: the reviews won’t do anything if you don’t put in the time to walk through them. So start optimizing your site!

Summer Sale!

As it just so happens, we currently have a Summer Sale on our Website Reviews, which means you get $100 off all of our reviews! Why would you need a review? Well, here’s what Lisa had to say:

“The review was very helpful as it pointed out easy fixes that I’d missed, and while I still have more to do, I feel like I’m on the right track.”

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